About us & Why we Do What We Do!


Our small business was formed as a way to help with expenses for our son to attend college in the fall of 2017. He has worked very hard all of his life maintaining his grades for the National Honor Society and maxing his ACT (American College Testing) scores. He will be receiving many scholarships and most of his college will be paid for through those scholarships, but there will be travel expenses since he will still be living at home & driving back & forth to college. In order for him to concentrate fully on his degree, we wanted to do something to help him with expenses so he would not have to go to school & work at a job also.

Our son is our only child. He has the kindest heart & is always helping anyone in need. He has be-friended many of the elderly in our community & helps many of them with their everyday living with things they are no longer able to do themselves such as lawn mowing, vehicle repairs, home repairs, etc. Our son does these things free of charge for those in need as he has such a big heart.

He has always been a wiz at figuring things out. He will dig in and try to repair motors or rebuild junk cars all on his own. He does wood work & has installed real hardwood floors for people & businesses in our community to make extra money. He builds furniture from wood or even welding pieces together & he is not afraid to tackle any challenge he finds in his daily explorations.

He will be attending college to get his Engineering degree & hopes when he graduates to be able to open his own fabrication shop.

Our son plays guitar, he owns 16 of them! He has played in our church band & for the youth church on Wednesday evenings. Everyone who has heard him play is just mesmerized as he has self taught the guitar to himself.

We hope you enjoy your purchases from us & know that every sale is very well appreciated & packed with so much love.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know why we have this little business & we hope you will think of us every time you are looking for some great clothing, home décor and jewelry items.

UPDATE! Our son has graduated college with honors and his degree in engineering. He has plans to continue the business, Franklins Vintage & build a new shop in our hometown, A lot of the creations that are handmade on our website are custom made by him. We are so excited that he has chosen to continue with this family business.

God Bless each of you!

Much Love,

The Rush Family